5.0 out of 5 stars
A Wonderful Read

“In this first-person narrative we are introduced to Victoria Benson, a materialistic and self-centered teenager who is highly inconvenienced when her mother’s unexpected job loss interferes with her weekend shopping plans.

“Vicky may have her issues, but dishonestly certainly isn’t one of them. She speaks her mind and isn’t shy to voice her opinion, whether it’s wanted or not. And it’s her frankness and her bluntness, and well as her occasional selfishness, that often gets her into trouble. But over the course of the story we see Vicky mature and blossom into a wise and compassionate young woman. Yes, she will always be honest, and that’s a good thing, but through life’s hard knocks she will learn how to be more understanding of others.

“This book is a good read for the young, and the young at heart.”

July 21, 2009
Gayle Martin
Author of the Luke and Jenny series

“In The Attitude Girl we meet Vicky, 17 years old and with a self-proclaimed attitude problem. As Vicky changes through the story, teen readers will find her to be a very strong and appealing character, and while she may not lose the attitude by the end of the book, we’re cheering for her as she discovers that maybe there’s a lot more to her than she realized. Vicky’s voice is authentic, the whole plot and conflict seem very real and timely, and the story moves along at a good pace because there’s so much great interaction and dialogue between the characters. The style of writing is casual and will definitely appeal to teens.”

Marcia Lusted
Assistant Editor, Cobblestone Publishing, and author of over 20 books for young readers

“Sometimes outrageous, nearly always outspoken teenage Victoria brings both smiles and sad reflection to this impressive coming-of-age story. I am most impressed with how Ms. Bernadkin reveals her main character through her expressions. And more. Bernadkin’s novel could well serve as a lively guide for a girl’s survival of the wicked teens.”

Greta Manville
Author and Steinbeck Fellow

“With use of authentic dialogue, Ms. Bernadkin has done an incredible job of capturing the heart and mind of a 17-year-old girl. Her story of Vicky Benson and her relationship with her family and four closest friends will perhaps make you look differently at the ‘Attitude Girl’ in your own life. Or it may just make you remember those days when you too had a touch of that attitude.”

Patty Nagle
Mother of 5 and IT Professional

“I loved The Attitude Girl. This realistic story is deeply emotional and at the same time deliciously humorous. It made me cry and it made me laugh. It was absolutely impossible to put the book down. I couldn’t wait to find out how it ends and I wasn’t disappointed. But then, I didn’t want it to end. This novel isn’t just for girls; it’s for their mothers and grandmothers as well.”

Alla Leibman
IT Specialist and Mother

“Victoria is an outspoken 17 year-old with whom most American teens would easily identify. She starts out as a self-involved young woman, struggling to proclaim and nurture her outspokenness despite all. As the story develops, however, she is faced with sobering obstacles, which guide her into the realization that being outspoken may not be all she needs and desires out of life.”

Anna Dunevsky, M.D., PhD.
Director, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Medicine Corporation

“In the Attitude Girl, every parent with teenage girls can find themselves in familiar terrain, reassured they’re not there alone. The expressions and dialogs of the main characters are so real, you start feeling your presence in the plot. A very easy and enjoyable read.”

Yuriy Pavlov
IT Professional and Father of 2 girls