20 Upcycled Book Craft Ideas

Old books can be reused in many different ways. You don’t need to discard them away, as they can be turned into many crafty ideas as shown below. Here some ideas by Lora from visit web site

  1. Book Purse


Old books can make a classic purse as evident in this picture below.

  1. Make a decorative bird house using old and unwanted books.


  1. Book Journal

A collection of recycled papers and old books can be used to make a perfect book collection journal. Just find a collection store for these materials.

  1. Glitter Pinwheels

You can make perfect pinwheels for your children, as they love making fun out of these.

  1. Book headboard

This can be made by a collection of hard covers as they make colorful headboards.


  1. Book jacket flowers

Make flower bows from your pretty old book whose jackets have been horribly stained.


  1. Rose Wreath

Use any available book pages and cover to design a wreath for any occasion. They look perfect and can be made for commercial purposes.

  1. Picture Frame

f7d8ee1f8f7e0a95ee895dbff3255701 They are all beautiful and can stand perfect for themselves.

  1. Book clocks

A wall clock can be made from reused old books to make perfect wall instruments.

  1. Book Page Bunting

To make this upcycled garland, you don’t need use any glue and it is just a simple.

  1. Pennant banner

Have you ever known that old book pages make perfect mediums for banners? You should try this out.

  1. Floral Garland


A floral garland can be in a dramatic conversation of old book pages.

  1. Chandelier

If you have craft punches and you need to have craft them, you can make a tumble book page fixture.

  1. Hedgehog Sculpture


This is an ideal commodity for children’s play and fun. This can be made from soft book covers.

After knowing this, you should not discard old books as they can make a fortune for you.